Shitai County is located in mountain hinterland of southern Anhui Province, formerly named Shi Dai County. It was established in AD 536 years in South Liang Dynasty, and there are 1,470 years of history. In 1959, it was revoked because of the national construction of Chencun reservoir. But it was rebuilt and renamed Shitai in 1965 due to the national development needs. It is a tourism county which covers an area of 1413 square kilometers, and has a population of 110,000.

Shitai County is located in southern...

Physical Geography

Shitai county is located in the south place of Anhui province, north latitude 29°59 ' to 30 ° 24', longitude 117 ° 12 'to 117 °59'.  The longest place of Shittai is 70.7 kilometers, the widest place from south to north is 46 kilometers. Total area is 1413 square kilometers, which accounting for 1% of the total area ...

Shitai is located in the subtropical humid climate zone, which owns adequate light, abundant rainfall, four distinctive seasons, and has long winter and summer, short spring and autumn. Because of the alternative effect of the Pacific warm air and the cold air of the north, on the general year, spring is warm and rainy, summer is hot and humid, au...
Administrative Divisions
Below is Shitai’s administrative Divisions:
Administrative Code:341722
Administrative Level: County
Plate number: 皖R
Population Density:78 people/km2
Area Code: 0566
Population: About 1.1million